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Who was Mon?

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Mon Van Den Eynde: Performance through passion for his athletes

Athletes were Mon's passion. Mon always put a lot of effort and time in his athletes.

He trained them on the field track and in the woods. Foreign trainers came to Leuven to learn from Mons training methods.

Between 1962 and 1976 most of the worlds best distance runners were localised in Leuven. Daring Club Leuven was the athletics team for which he sacrificed all his efforts.

Mon, seldom seen, stood by his athletes.

He guided Gaston Roelants to a 4th place on the Olympic Games in Rome and to an Olympic title in Tokyo in 1964. Mon pushed Andre Dehertoghe far beyond Andres own expectations on the 1500m.

Emiel Puttemans won a silver medal in the Olympic Games in Munich and Ivo Van Damme brought 2 silver medals from Montreal.

And we're even not mentioning al the world records and European records.

Mon kept on thinking, studying, experimenting and inventing (he predicted that athletes would take all hurdles on the 3000m steeple without touching the hurdles, he experimented by relocating start and finish lines, etc.)

In the meanwhile, Mon obtained his PhD in Physical Training and he was a Professor at the Catholic University Of Leuven.

Mons filosophical abilities explained expressions he used. Once somebody asked him: What is a trainer? He answered: A trainer has to be there...

The death of Ivo Van Damme in 1976 affected Mon. Unexpected, in 1989 he was called for his last journey. A fantastic trainer and a good man crossed his finish line.

This Meeting for Mon is only a small remembrance to this great man. A small tribute to the man who sacrificed so much for his athletes...