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Meeting voor Mon-DCLA

Family, friends athletic lovers are welcome to enjoy this nice event and to support the athletes. Here you can find all the practical information about the program, location and route, the services.

Entry: 6€

Route description + parking

Click here for the route description and parking lots (pdf-format)


Click here for the stadium map (pdf-format)


Click here for the schedule


The cafetaria “ Elfkamper” is open during the whole meeting for food and drinks.

Athletic supporters

We hope for an attractive competition and a joyfull day in our Athletics Arena. To ensure an athletics competition without a hitch, we would like to give you some advice:

  • Spectators shall stay behind the fence of the track. Also the outer lane shall remain free of sport bags etc
  • The covered stand contains about 1000 seats, but you are free the take a spot behind the fence of the track.
  • You can only reach the arrival zone of the track via the backside of the covered stand. The staircase of the covered stand will bring you to the back of the covered stand.